Tuesday, 21 January 2014



MELAKA TROPICAL FRUIT FARM (MTFF), SUNGAI UDANG, is a concept of Agro Tourism product with the "Farm Stay" concept in Melaka. Located in Sungai Udang on 173 acres of land, the journey is about 20 minutes from Melaka Town. The farm provide visitors an opportunity to experience nature up close at the same time catering to family outing. Sports and recreation facilities include bicycle & jogging tracks, lake for kayaking and fishing, a mini zoo with ostrich, deer, and horses and accommodation in the form of chalets and hostel. Most exciting event during fruit season which is visitors will have the opportunity to experience for themselves the cool & serene surroundings at the farm apart having the opportunity to savoir fresh tropical fruits from the tree like durian, duku, rambai, rambutan and others. There are several packages and facilities are offered at minimum pax.  

Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm is a subsidiary of Melaka Agriculture Development Sdn Bhd. MTFF is cooperating with Melaka Agriculture Department. MTFF has taken overe management and promotion related agro tourism by 15th October 2003 and have 173 area and have been operated more than a hundred years. MTFF provide diversity of package, recreation area with facilities, accommodation, hall, meeting room. MTFF have various crops, fruits and livestock.

To be a major organization in agro tourism industry that contributes for economic development specifically for Melaka and Malaysia as a whole and also to enhanc e organization competitiveness.

To transform the agro tourism sector to be more vibrant, competitive, resilent and fully integrated into tourism industry.

To be the most interesting place among the world to be visited by the local people, tourists and students
•To ensure the visitors will go back with some knowledge on agriculture besides, the memorable stay